Spirtual uplifting can occur in a varity of ways.  UUs may enjoy art, music, and reading about positive things people of all ages are doing to make our world a better place.

Typical Services


Most of our services share a similar format, regardless of who is in the pulpit.  


Our four typical types of services are:



Lay-led (speakers from within our congregation)

Guest speakers


This Month's Topics


Members tease each other that new visitors get a good picture of who we are by seeing more than one service as our topics can vary widely even within a thematic year.


Past services have covered the topics of:

Racial equality

Environmental issues

Ritual rights of passage

World religions

Social and economic issues

UU history

Living our UU principles


"Blessed is the fire that burns deep in the soul. It is the flame of the human spirit touched into being by the mystery of life. It is the fire of reason; the fire of compassion; the fire of community; the fire of justice; the fire of faith. It is the fire of love burning deep in the human heart; the divine glow in every life."  By Eric A Heller-Wagner

Special Services


We are a living religion, meaning we are free, willing and able to build our own traditions.  Over the years our traditions at UUCF have grown and changed.  Some of our special services are:


Evolution Sunday


Wheel of Life

Flower Communion


Dia de Los Muertos

Bread Communion




Listen to Past Sermons


  • Did you miss a service that you wished to attend?  

  • Would you like to get a feel for who we are but are nervous to attend?

  • Did you love a service and would like to hear it again or share it with a friend?


CDs of past services are available for a small fee

by contacting the office at 810-232-4023


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