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August 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

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A Thank You, An Apology, A Pledge, A Goal

Thanks:  The Sharp 2020 Committee sincerely thanks all UUCF members that generously made donations during the...

News from Sharp 2020 Committee

July 1, 2018

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What's New - March

March 1, 2018



2 Mezzanine Left seats are available to Sat. March 17 7:30pm concert.  Yidi Song, winner of William C. Byrd Young Artist competition, will perform Carl Nielson’s Flute Concerto.  Prokofiev Lieutenant Kije Suite and Tchaikovsky Symphony #1, G Minor will complete the program.  A free 6:30pm Warm Up talk will discuss the program and is always interesting.  If you attend the warm up you receive a free beverage ticket ! Seats are valued at $50.  A donation of any amount to church is appreciated and tickets will be available through Cheryl Craig in church office after March 1.



SBP Update


In an effort to follow up on our Strategic Business Plan 2015, Rayna Bick (Board member)

reviewed the internal communications recommendations on signage, visibility, content and accessibility. Implementing ideas often sounds simple but like most processes it has required collaboration and significant volunteer effort.  Harold Ford bought and installed the plexiglass sign holders which hold our NEW monthly event flyers.  The flyers require coordination by newsletter volunteers Melissa Verrell, Carrie Hoffman and Church Administrator Cheryl Craig.  Erin Rockafellow D.L.L. adds, edits and assists as needed.  Mike Rust Liaison to Communications invites members to volunteer for internal communications jobs such as website and newsletter editing.

A second issue was dimness of entry and positioning large entry bulletin board.  Aesthetics

subcommittee (Rayna Bick, David Clement and Gerry Ruddick) were joined by several members of operations crew and other interested members and staff, comments were shared and Erin identified an unused bulletin board which Rayna covered with upholstery fabric and John Helsom mounted.   David Clement developed large text sign.  John Helsom researched and replaced dim CFL lights with much brighter less expensive to operate LED bulbs.  Dave Frazee and John installed a spotlight fixture to better illuminate the brochure rack, new bulletin board and area just inside our doors.Hope you notice the enhance brightness and visibilityof our entry area!

Accessibility and safety is a social justice issue we take seriously at UUCF.  When we place signs in walk ways, our members with vision or mobility issues have difficulty moving about safely and it can limit emergency egress.  Please notice that we repositioned the food pantry collection cart.  Still in planning are special events poster and meeting location sign supports which will not obstruct walk ways.


Thank you to all who helped.  If you see a problem or have an idea to improve our programs, communication or facility, check out our church structure diagram on the BOARD AND STAFF bulletin board in Aulden Nelson Hall or located in Member Directory and contact the Board Liaison or committee chair listed.  Cheryl Craig and Erin Rockafellow both know how to connect you to a project leader or committee chair.   Please join in the joyful work of building a better community at UUCF.     Reported by John Helsom for Green initiative and Rayna Bick Board Liaison to Social Justice




Sharps 20/20

On March 15, 1939, the Nazi army marched into Prague and occupied the city. Marth Sharp’s humanitarian refugee operation instantly changed into a treacherous Cloak-and-dagger mission.  She was to rescue a Mr. X and on that snowy night Martha jumped from a taxi, darted around a corner, and flattened herself into a doorway. The heels of a pursing Gestapo agent clicked past her.  She entered an unlit apartment building, dashed up five flights of stairs, and rang the bell of an apartment she was given to be the location of a known anti-Nazi leader…Mr. “X”.

After identifying herself and explaining her purpose to a woman who answered the door and having her passport taken for a few harrowing minutes, he came to the door wearing an overcoat and, together, they walked through wind and snow across the city and made their way to the British embassy (miraculously avoiding arrest by showing her American passport to the Nazi soldiers who stopped them along the way and with Mr “X” posing as Martha’s husband, Waitstill.  After safely getting him to the embassy, Martha then returned to her apartment, where Waitstill was returning from a similar mission.  They watched out the window as Nazi soldiers looted Prague stores and warehouses.

This was just one of hundreds of rescues the couple orchestrated, helping Jews and non-Jews, intellectuals, political leaders, writers, artists, and children flee to safety from the Nazis.


You are invited . . . to UUCF Cottage Meetings

Let's get together and talk. Cottage meetings are a time for us to come together to create a shared sense of purpose and vision for UUCF, that can be shared with our new Minister/Worship Leaders, and committees planning programs and activities.


Our job as a congregation right now is to take time to discuss our survey responses, visions, concerns and our hopes for our congregation.  Members from the Search, Membership and Worship Committees need to know what your vision for the future of UUCF looks like and let these visions inform their planning.  Light refreshments, as well as thoughtful discussion, will be provided. 


Cottage Meetings will be held at the following times and locations:


*Saturday, February 24, at 1:00 pm, at home of Rayna Bick and John Helsom, in Flushing


*Tuesday, February 27, at 6:30 pm, at UUCF, in Nelson Hall


*Friday, March 2, at 7:00 pm, at the home of Ruth and John Straw, in Grand Blanc


*Monday, March 5, at 1:30 pm, at UUCF, in Blackinton Hall


*Friday, March 9, at 1:30 pm, at UUCF, in Blackinton Hall


*Saturday, March 10, at 1:30 pm, at the home of Deb Simmons, in Davison


*Tuesday, March 20, at 6:30 pm, at UUCF, in Nelson Hall


Please make time to join one of these conversations. You will also be receiving an email with these times and locations that will allow you to RSVP. Please use this online method to let us know how many people to plan for at each session.

Thanks!  .



Rayna Bick announced the cancellation of the Social Justice and Outreach Committee meeting

last week.  As she stepped down from the stage Cathy Stiles brought her preschool son Liam over to talk.  Liam got shy so Mom shared is exciting request.  Liam said “Mom, I want to be on a committee!!  After some discussion Liam will advise the Nursery Committee.  A true democratic UU in the making.  Hurrah!!!

Submitted by R. Bick


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