Faith Development 


Sunday Morning Religious Education 

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint would like to welcome you to this brief introduction of our Religious Exploration program. You might first notice that we call it Exploration instead of Education. This is a very intentional difference for us. We encourage our students to truly EXPLORE religion through many systems of learning. We imagine you have chosen to come to this church because you want a different religious experience for your family than just an indoctrination of one faith.

Our RE program explores the values of reason, morals, intrinsic values, and ethics, through the scope of a wide lens of experiences.

You are invited to contact our Director of Faith Development to learn more about our programs.

Theme for 2019/20

This year our students will be exploring the religious traditions of the world. Each student will be given the opportunity to learn about other faith traditions and how that influences the world we live in today. At the end of the program students will have classes that encourage personal development of their own theologies

Further Exploration

This year our students will be encouraged to join the whole congregation on many field trips and learning times. The church will be traveling to other houses of worship for hands on experiences with new faith traditions. You will be notified of these opportunities about a month in advance. Students are not required to participate but we do encourage not just our students but their family to attend together. When students see their family modeling the importance of RE they are much more likely to find value in it for themselves.

Multigenerational Worship

The weeks our students are not in class they will be participating in worship with their classmates and family. We have found that the best was to learn our liturgy is to experience the whole congregation interact together. Many of these services have been specially designed with our students in mind. There is also always a fidget box in the back for students and adults 😊

Holiday Pageant

Each year out congregation puts on a pageant at Christmas time with various themes. The students are given a chance to participate in the creation and execution of the Sunday Service.

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